We took a welcome step from tarmac to turf in April to complete one of our biggest productions to date with the delivery of a series of football commercials for ambitious soft-drinks brand, 100Plus via JWT and PRISM.
Featuring two of football’s biggest stars in Pelé and Chelsea player Oscar dos Santos and shot over three days in the olympic stadium in Barcelona (where we’re much more familiar with the F1 circuit), the production provided a stern test of our logistical skills and linguistic skills, employing a crew of 65, some 48 footballers, 130 extras and at least three on-set languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Watch this space for the full TVC and the behind the scenes video to be released soon.

100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign100Plus advertising campaign



Austin Show-Car runMunderbar hits the ground running on its return to the US as the F1 circus comes to Texas. When roads are closed in down-town Austin, another sizeable Munderbar contingent takes to the streets to record the excitement of the Infiniti show-car runs and F1’s growing following among American sports fans.

When Sebastian Vettel arrives to test drive the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge in the week prior to the Japanese GP, Munderbar provides the resources to capture his all-important feedback to track-side engineers and technicians. In a series of briefings attended also by the three IPEA engineers, Vettel makes his recommendations and refinements in his capacity as Infiniti’s Director of Performance, a role he has filled for three years.



Munderbar re-joins Formula E and Team China Racing for their much-anticipated appearance in their home E-prix, the first of ten global events making up the inaugural Formula E season.

Shooting from the pit-lane in the shadow of the Beijing Olympic Stadium, the Munderbar team meets drivers Nelson Piquet Jr and Ho-Pin Tung, and witnesses the dramatic high-speed crash between the leading cars on the final lap, from which Nicolas Prost and Nick Heidfeld somehow emerge unscathed.

On a week-long, coast-to-coast trip to the US, Munderbar shoots the back-stories of the two American engineers preparing to take up their Infiniti-sponsored internships at Red Bull Racing, Eric LaRoche from Hamilton, New Jersey, and Jason Zide from Laguna Beach, California. On a separate shoot in the UK, Munderbar catches up with third winner, Will Preece, from Hertfordshire.



With three reality TV camera-crews, a tight schedule and a tonne of kit, Munderbar de-camps to an industrial estate in Milton Keynes to record the blunders and brainwaves of 12 talented young engineers competing in a three-day selection event for one of three internships at F1’s Red Bull Racing.

After a tour of the factory one candidate describes as ‘Disneyland for engineers,’ the practical tests and written examinations come thick and fast until the winners are chosen in an Apprentice-style climax to a competition that has attracted over 1500 entrants from around the world.

Munderbar joins client Team China on Westminster Bridge for the high-profile launch of the all-electric FIA Formula-E Championship, the bold, fan-friendly initiative that promises to revolutionise competitive motorsport. Eight stunning new cars, capable of speeds up to 150 mph, steal over the closed roads outside the Houses of Parliament in an eye-catching photo opp ahead of the first race in September.Team China Racing, Formula E car on Westminster Bridge _78K1318EE5D9433

Munderbar ‘s team of specialist camera riggers and cameramen re-assemble near Toronto for another round of hot laps and high tempo action for PRISM clients, Infiniti. Fifteen-strong, Munderbar’s crew shoots, collates and edits content for immediate use by media guests, VIP’s and dealership staff in a fast-turnaround operation, honed by experience and practice.DSC00667

DSC00650 DSC00646No strangers to the shimmering heat of the iconic French circuit and its azure run-off areas, Munderbar returns mob-handed with a crew of 11 to help realise client PRISM’s ambitious PR activation plans. Rigging two Red Bull Racing 3-seater F1 cars and no fewer than seven Infiniti’s, including the new Q50, for use by guests and journalists, Munderbar captures a host of visual and audio content in a long and memorable day in the sunshine.


A Spring In Our Step: Munderbar! Leaps Into Filming Parkour For A New Client

How do you make buying tickets on-line exciting? That was the challenge Munderbar! faced this Spring. An exciting new client, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), asked us to create a viral that would boost pre-season ticket sales.

The DTM is German’s largest silhouette racing car series. Audi, BMW and Mercedes create race versions of their production model cars and go head-to-head to convert the 1.2 million race fans into loyal customers of their products.

The viral had to excite DTM’s young fans and inspire them to buy tickets online. Munderbar! proposed a dramatic narrative following an obsessive fan as he wakes and goes to astonishing lengths — leaping, tumbling, and jumping his way through Munich — to try and buy DTM tickets at the stadium on they day they are released. From sourcing the parkour artist, to finding obscure industrial locations unknown even to German location scouts, the entire shoot was managed by Munderbar!’s Munich office.

In post-production, shared between Munderbar’s London and Munich offices, live action footage of the fan was interspersed with carefully selected clips from DTM races to mirror the high-energy similarities between the two sports. Crucially for our client, it also enabled each of the automobile manufacturers to showcase their cars.

One small step for Munderbar! One giant leap for DTM fans.